'Drawing is primary to look with the eyes, to observe, to discover. Drawing is learning how to see'

Le Corbusier

‘Each line holds its own present awareness, of its inner story.’

Cy Twombly

Drawing project:

“The more you look, the more you see”

I chose a photograph by Julia Hetta, a Swedish photographer, whose work has always impressed me. This particular photograph offers a simple and clean look provided for through the presence of a model. The photograph reminded me of one of Amadeo Modigliani’s portraits, who, with his unique style, made his models stand out with their perfect imperfections.

I drew this picture many times to see how the portrait developed, to discover how MY image would evolve? What would I discover, what would the final outcome be, what style would I use, what expression would the women in the portrait possess? I wondered how different my portraits of this lady would be after spending 2 minutes, 2 hours, 5 hours or 10 hours, drawing her? Would the portrait resemble the photograph or would it be my unique and yet different interpretation? My question was whether we perceive things in the same way?

With each of my drawings, I noticed something new in the structure, appearance, and expression of the model. I concluded that all her different sides, as portrayed in my various images, could not in fact exist in just one sole portrait. The experience was similar in essence, to the feelings we observe on our journey with a person, when we slowly discover the many facets of a person’s personality and discovering the full picture.

Did I really, truly understand what the woman in the photograph was feeling, why her expression was set in a certain way? I am not sure. What I did discover was that her expression changed almost according to, and in sync with, my own mood. What does this say?

As the drawings evolved, the detail became clearer and yet my portraits never resembled the woman exactly. I wanted to test the different styles of my creativity and to acknowledge the multiple and limitless possibilities of the portrait. My wish is to continue researching these possibilities through the use of different mediums, different materials.

Painting project

“From the other side”

What we see, what we experience can be so different, depending on which side we find ourselves. Take personal truths for example! They are our perceptions of what we see, what we feel, what we believe. Our understanding of things relates to our experiences, our knowledge, how we interpret our senses, how we disseminate information, what assumptions we make, and most of all what we decide to FOCUS on.

I decided to limit my palette to organic colors in an attempt to create a world (the same one!) that could be recognized throughout my works.

But, as with my drawing project, I recognized the impossibility of creating the same world again and again. I feel this is why observing nature in our busy, everyday lives, provides one with a sense of freedom, of calmness, and the hush and stillness of the rhythmical flow of breathing. I associate these feelings with birds, leaves, flowers, waterfalls, still waters, seas, and the movement of the air. It all depends on which side we stand as to how we see and what we focus on.